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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fresh air, a gently falling snowflake, the cooing of a mourning dove ~

Last night when I came out of work and breathed in my first inhalation of fresh air I took notice more than usual.  The night was dark black, instead of moonlit.  It was quiet, peaceful and the air was soft and cool against my face.  Snowflakes were falling soundlessly and gently to the ground.  I looked up into the sky to appreciate their beauty.  I delighted in the magnificence of God's creation of the seasons.  I know the snow can be a deterent.  To some, it can be messy,  tinged with street dirt then yucky in appearance, slippery and exertive.  I never tire of it.  I continually feel excitement and refreshed in it's presence.  Maybe the fact that I was born in winter has something to do with it.  Last night and  earlier this morning, I paused to embrace it.  It's as much a part of me as God who created it.  The confetti to my life's celebration in description.
When I was in third grade, I remember the bell ringing for us children to come in from recesss.  The day was hot and humid. After playing with zeel we were flushed, thirsty and in definate need of cooling restful comfort.  We were granted a quick trip to the drinking fountain and after taking in as many gulps as we could during our turn we were instructed to put our head down on our desks when we returned.  Our teacher knew too well what to do to soothe us into subtle submission to gain a re-newed burst of energy to finish the day with attentive wills.  She put on a record of an orchestra that portrayed a walk in the woods.  By it's rhythms and selected  instruments you could sense the heat of the day before entering the woods and gradually the melody  began to exude a more mellow rhythm.  You could begin to feel the soft, cool moss beneath your feet and the sound of the babbling brook in the distance, was so refreshing.  Some classmates even fell asleep.  It left such an impression on me of the ability in offering gentle soothing beauty of nature to lend a helping hand to another to comfort them.   I didn't want to forget that concept or her, Miss Wenger, for presenting it to us as a unique and creative respite from the heat of that day.  The windows were open but no breeze was circulating.  We weren't allowed to have electric fans, and yet what transpired was devine.

Beautiful!, yes?

The above mandala reminds me of the coloring and soft uniform layering of the mourning dove's feathers.
A lovely snowflake design using a cloud formation image.

I think the above mandala is a most wonderful artist rendition of a snowflake and what can be done with an empty wine bottle that could have easily ended up in a landfill or along the road in a ditch or alley somewhere in anytown, USA.  An amazingly talented artist in thought and ability.
Do you know what a mandala is?  It's a design usually forming a circle or square.  It means "sacred circle".   I first learned of them in an art class in college as a form of therapy that could be used to assist individuals in a healing process.  Mandalas are symbols of balance, peace, harmony and oneness.  The mandala expresses itself in nature in snowflakes, flower blossoms, etc.  Carl Jung saw the mandala as a powerful tool towards personal understanding and growth.  The mandala can be a representation of an individual's subconscious.  I'm not a follower of buddhist religion or meditation but my appreciation and love of art allows the mandala to express my thoughts today in an organized visual  of the ephemera I feel in acknowledging my love of fresh air, a gentle falling snowflake, the cooing of a mourning dove and my state of peace, happiness and harmony in it, while I have it.
What ever triggers your senses with a nudge to stop for a moment, to take it in, to feel the gentle peace of it, to embrace it; to appreciate it and to be thankful to God for it shouln't be ignored.  For it is pure beauty and comfort that would be missed.

Thanks to the fine artisans of Etsy at whose fabulous creations of nature helped to make visible my thoughts.
Mourning Dove in Snow by Nature Mandalas, Midcoast, Maine.  Allison Trentelman of Rocky Top Studio
Pine Tree Needle Mandala - Cleveland, Ohio of Playnature
Subtle Waters Mandala - Vleveland, Ohio of Playnature
Mandala snowflake window art, recycled wine bottle by trilobiteglassworks Rockville, Maryland
A beautiful snowy photo by a favorite fellow blogger, Pat, of backporchmusings from Missouri.
I purchased some photos, cards, crocheted hearts, etc. from Etsy vendors and plan to use them in grouping with a little heart made by P.J. Hummelt and given to me while on a visit to Portland, OR.  I'll show results of that piece in the future.  I can always find something I love at this site and I love sharing the things that I find and peg as my favorites.  Hopefully, they will inspire you to great thoughts, ideas and transformations! :)

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