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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow falls down...


Snow by Kate Hal
Snow is white,
Snow is bright,
Snow falls down every night,
When we're in bed,
resting our heads,
snow falls down,
round and round,
and it doesn't make a sound.

This morning I can't help but remember...when it was snowing and we'd venture out, the ordeal it took to do it!
First, it was getting those boots on over my shoes and thick tights, it seemed to take an hour!  By the end of that chore I could relax once more and begin an arduous task of putting on a bulky sweater and a coat just barely big enough to go over it, (it always pushed up my sweater sleeves) then wrap and wrap and wrap some more a scarf that had no end.  Next it was time to throw over the hood and pull it down so tight.  it took a bow but not just a cute little bow but a tight one that grabbed at your neck!  Now for the zipper, that quirky zipper that would never go into it's socket.  Finally it would and I'd look up as fast as I could in hopes my lip wouldn't be caught in it!  The last thing to do was those gloves, it's true, one would be there but where "oh, where" was the other?
Finally found and I'm hot and in a tizzy!  Now my Mom and I were ready to head out and make our way to that one car garage where the car sat cold and dark.  She opened the door about seven inches, not more, and I'd crawl my way passed her black pat n leather, under the big giant wheel to a cold seat right beside her.  Then she'd start her up an we'd sit and wait shivering until it was time.  Time to see her beige toned nylon covered leg with black shoe press on the brake and begin it.  Her right white gloved hand would pull the handle behind the wheel to "R" and we'd back out to a world full of errand.

I hope today's snow doesn't cause hindrance but a sweet memory for you to

The snow covered chair photo named, Snow Chair,  and the old door photo named, Closed Until Spring, were note cards from an artist on Etsy called FancyMeFlyin by deberklein. 
My grandson, Blake 

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Pat@BPM said...

Kris, it's okay to take the photo. I don't mind folks taking photos, I would like for them to ask, though. You asked and the photo is yours.:-)

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