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Monday, February 21, 2011

President's Day

George Washington

First in War, First in Peace and First in the Hearts of His Countrymen.
President's Day
A day to take a moment and appreciate the things we have and those great leaders who helped preserve and grow our nation.
Cherry Thumbprint Cookies
1 t. vanilla
2 sticks butter or margarine
2 egg yolks
1/2 c. brown sugar
2 c. flour
1/2 t. salt
maraschino cherries
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  In large bowl, mix together vanilla, butter, egg yolks, & brown sugar.  Add flour and salt.  Mix well.  Form into 1" balls on greased cookie sheet.  Inpress thumbprint in center and add a maraschino cherry.  Bake 8-10 minutes.  Makes 3 doz.


Abraham Lincoln

Our 16th President
Fought to abolish slavery and to keep our nation united.  Our first President to be assassinated.

Yesterday, I was reading a blog by a school teacher who wrote about her mother gathering information concerning her family history.  This was before computer technology.  Being interested, the school teacher decided to pick up where her mother left off.  She located a cousin in Illinois and gained this information.  The cousin was 91 years old and told the story of her grandfather, who was a circuit court Judge, telling her the story that he met and talked to Abraham Lincoln who gave a speech at the courthouse.  I thought this was fascinating.
I pray for our President that what is best for our country will be persued.  I'm thankful for our past Presidents whose decisions were based on prayer to God almighty.

As you reflect on President's Day today, do so safely and humbly in thankfulness for those who are favored for the greatness they accomplished for the good of our nation.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Patiently awaiting my bluebird of happiness.

Had the urge to visit my local garden center to see what might be arriving for spring.
As you can see, not much.
Inside, however a lot of unpacked boxes are around and in the background someone is transferring small delicate plantings into larger pots for continued nurtured growth.

There's just something about plants, getting into the dirt and getting that first aroma of spring that gives you the sense of hope that these things are just around the corner.

I quietly browsed, as I love to do, everything merchandised into tasteful groupings and thinking what my color way might be this year.
These ceramic clay pots caught my eye for their deep maroonish tone and great texture.
I think this rubber tree plant would look great in them.

Peace Lily

More texture.
A hint of something vibrant.
A serene accessory.
Something to hold water for a quick refreshing drink.
I went to our community library to find additional inspiration.
I'll jot down a few thoughts and ideas as a pleasant passtime.
My notations for spring and future reference.
In the mean time as I await my bluebird of happiness, I'll just fix myself a little lunch.
And keep creative thoughts of spring in my mind.
Take a safe drive out today...visit your local garden center and public library for beauty and the sweet newness of spring will immerge just around the corner.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our Super Bowl Sunday was naturally beautiful!

Early Sunday afternoon, the phone rang and Dennis and I were invited to Roger & Lenora's for supper and to watch the game.  :)
Rylan who is in the first grade and is Roger and Lenora's grandson, wrote name place cards for his guests and added a sweet foot note for everyone in their napkin.  :)

Christina had an "Ooops" moment, the commercials were in dry humor, tasteless and down right boring, accept for Marsha's hit in the face by a football...
The sound quality of the half time show was lousy.  But the meal was so deliciously home made, the company was the most welcoming and accomodating and the view from the window was divinely beautiful!
Who could ask for anything more?  The Super Bowl game of 2011 will be forgotten - but this will always be remembered!

Roger feeds them cracked corn and every night at dusk, they come up in their groups to feed and pass through to the woods.

Checking out the bird feeder.

But that food has pretty well been pecked clean by this guy.  Have a great, safe week everyone!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A study in ice.

It's amazing that water turns into a solid when it reaches a temperature of 32 degrees F.  Some can be inspired by it to create an object of beauty with similar characteristics.

Like this glass dish perhaps.
I love it for it's design, shades of silver, white, icy blue and when the sun hits it, a full sparkling spectrum of all true colors appear.  So beautiful.
It lends a time to bundle up warm, seek your softest throw and  bulky socks, watch your favorite programs, collect a few favorite books and camp out with a good hot beverage.
As the sun streams through the grayness of the day, the sky turns a lighter shade of blue and the warmth begins to effect the ice with dripping water droplets into puddles radiating circles in continuous motion.

The water requenches the land and makes all things new.

Life in living color begins to appear.

Our attention to water's characteristic takes on a fluid nature.

As the day's heat begins to create a desire to seek relief  and a calm drift lazily floating in a cooling pool,
one need only recall what seems to be a fairly recent memory.  At a moment's notice you could call a few friends and gather together at the community pool for a fun afternoon.

What a great time it was!  Filled with life and "spirit"!
This is my friend, Gail with her friends.
A quick collection of a few necessities...a beach bag and

 and within walking distance the line would form to wait for the gates to open.
It was a pool somewhat similar to this.  It could have been Miller's Grove, Clearwater, Phillips, or the most favored, Tipp City's community pool in the park.
Once inside, dibs were made on a space in which to spread your mod beach towel.  While oiling and spraying the secret tanning formula and lying just so,  discussion included the most  important matters.



A possible planned trip to the Salem Mall to pick out a new bikini.  It might be floral, it might plaid or polka dot.  It was so fun to head to the Junior Department at Rike's or Bobbie Brooks.

Sometimes you would roll your hair on these huge rollers and wrap a scarf over it.  We did that until it was air dried and we could take it down for the right doo.

Scarves were very cool and came in every color imaginable!

Thank goodness for the newest invention of the time!
Electric curlers.


It was about shoes, purses, waiting on the J.C. Penney catalog to look over possiblilities for back to school outfits.

It was about your favorite magazine.

It was about what movie you might go to the Mayflower to see like,  The Sound of Music (1965),  My Fair Lady, Born Free, The Music Man, Goldfinger, Cool Hand Luke, Funny Girl with Barbra Streisand, Swiss Family Robinson, Pollyanna, Mary  Poppins.  It was "Oh my gosh, I love that song"...Sugar, Sugar by the Archies, Aquarius, Let the Sun Shine In, My Girl by the Temptations, Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel, Suspicious Minds by Elvis, I Want to Hold Your Hand by the Beatles, Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys, There's a Summer Place by Percy Faith, Turn, Turn, Turn by the Byrds, Yesterday by the Beatles.

It was summer.

Just like clock work it began to change.

As uniquely as it originated.

A darker shade of crystaline blue.

Back to frosty white.

Sometimes powdery and full of sparkle.

Another chance to inspire...

creativity and beauty.

And time for the cycle to begin anew.

I hope you enjoyed my study in ice.  It was inspired by my friend Gail and her friends as they pick up on FB where they left off in fond remembrance of a great time of their life.  Live life to the fullest with a happy heart.  Express your thoughts and create that which is lovely.  It will come around again.  Keep safe,
Thank you Gail, for intrusting me permission  to use your photo without hesitation and enabling me to extend my thoughts as a young teen growing up.

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