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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Coming out of winter's dulldrums with a smile

Dreary, bleak, dismal...what words would you use to describe it?
I had to photograph this!  Something blown in or left behind, it's hard to tell which.  A clump of snow melting as the day proceeds.
Today it's sunny, the air is soft, the birds are chirping and flying freely.  A walk out to the mailbox turned into a little inspection for signs of spring's renewal.  The sun feels so good and warm.  It's great taking in the fresh air.  I'm now wishing I could put my work life on hold, grab my rake and weeding tools and go to a different kind of work.  The pleasant kind.  The kind that after working diligently and patiently for hours shows devine results once turned around and gazed over when your body says it's time to quit for the day.   With hands on my hips and mouth tilted to the right, it will come.  I'll check on shut down today to begin making plans.  If shut down is too far in the distance, I think a long weekend vacation is in order to begin my preparations for renewal, clean up, fertilizing and a chance to get down and dirty. :)
Until then, my muse has been catered to by a little purchase I made on line to bring life and a sense of wimsy to my bright yellow living room and a re-decorating project in progress.
A sweet little trio of my favorite subject, the wren!
Love Song  a pastel & charcoal drawing by Matouenpeluche an Etsy artist from Australia.
Matouenpeluche means plush cat.
Diana the Reader of Bird Books a pastel & charcoal print by Matouenpeluche.
Little White Winged Wren pastel & charcoal print by Matuenpeluche.
I  love these three little prints.  They made me happy when I came across them on Etsy and they made me even happier when I put them on my wall to enjoy after I received them in the mail.  I love the idea that the birds are facing left.  Naturally there needed to be a piece of art that faced right.  Right?

From three little prints to the right of my front picture window and crossing over to the left of my window is a nice watercolor print by LaBerge another Etsy artist near Salem, Oregon.
Too cute!  I don't have any animals at the moment but I do miss having them around from time to time.  This artist rendering is so realistic and filled with light that it entices you to pet the cat in thought. 
Anyway, I love the touch of wimsy this east facing wall adds to my bright yellow room and what it is evolving into.  I love gradually bringing it to life with the perfect finds to make it unique and full of personality and character.

I'm so glad spring really is just around the corner.  It couldn't have come at a better time.  A time when I'm on my second or third sinus congested head cold of the season.  I can't remember which.  A time when work has forced me to keep my head down and into the tasks at hand for my employer.  A time when certainly I won't have to come out of work and scrape my windshield again?!   And a time when I'm ready to feel sunshine, soft air, the singing of the birds and a glimpse of their freedom in flight.

I just noticed the magic flowers are appearing.
The forsythia are budding.
Daffodil - popping up!
Tulips, "oh, yeah"!
Wishing you life's simple pleasures and blessings as you begin to come out of hibernation into your spring!

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