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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Heart of My Heart...

To My Valentine!
Again, another Sunday afternoon doing leisure activities.  A unique project that Dennis and I shared together today.  It fulfills my passion to create something special using images I love and was enabled to be presented in this collage form with Dennis' help and technological know how.  This activity was fun and I so enjoyed the outcome that we made together!
Thanks to the help of  Pat whose blog named Back Porch Musings  is lovely in every way and her directions as to how she creates different images of interest  in order for others to possibly try. 
We used Picasa a free site that allows you to work with photos in various ways to create to your heart's desire!
Now to continue to use Picasa and it's abilities.  It's going to take some "time" and practice but I can imagine the possibilities. :)
I love today our Valentine's Day!  Dennis and Ryan have the first race of the season on, the Daytona 500, as well as switching over to the winter olympics and I'm enjoying my time here in blog land.
We have a nice meat and potato meal to bake savorly for our supper and I couldn't imagine a better way to spend my Valentine's Day than with my valentine sending good wishes to you!
Dennis and Kris
Our center prominent photo was a suncatcher ornament that P.J. Hummelt made and gave to me while visiting.  The other photos I thought were fantastic handmade finds featured on Etsy.
Embroidered Love - walkthetalk by Robin from Maui, Hawaii
Red Heart pin - hondamom from Dallas, TX
Hand Embroidered Card - by papermode home Paris, France
A Valentine Card for our grandchildren and their parents - Blake, Kate and Tucker, Matt and Jamie Coleman

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