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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ode to Joy

It's Wednesday and ho-hum a little yawn and stretch as I decide another cup of coffee is in order to get going. As I'm waiting for my water to heat (yes, I know, I admit, I'm one of those instant coffee drinkers) my eye draws to my living room.  That beautiful sunny, happy yellow beckons me.  A quick trip to the grocery earlier this morning to pick up essentials like fruit, salad fixings, chicken and such.   The and such?...a lovely bunch of white tulips.  It's one of those things that lifts me up and brings me joy!  I came in the door, located one of my favorite vintage McCoy vases and placed them in just the perfect spot!  A quiet, favorite corner in my living room that expresses completely that less is more.  For, the chosen items I've tenderly placed there one can appreciate reflexion of a fond memory and "the love in us".
Tulips are such happy flowers to have in the dead of winter.

This corner is minimal, the composition is one of my favorites.

I so love this simple black framed drawing here.  It fills me with happiness and fond memory this morning.
I'm so greatful for it.
A little girl named Emily Bear has the prodigious gifted talent to express the beauty and ode to joy I feel while coming into this corner waiting for my water to heat this morning.  
She plays in an orchestral debut a song she composed called - The Love In Us.
It will send you in a lovely sweet aura of beauty in sound and God's blessing.

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