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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Make a big deal out of simple pleasures.

Spring is peaking to one of the most beautiful I've seen in a while.  We're quite fortunate this year to be able to take in the nature around us and  enjoy it for what it is.  A simple pleasure, at least.  It's duration is so short lived.  In years past, we've gotten a freeze that would hit just as the new and delicate buds would appear and render them unviable and brown tipped.   Eventually the trees and plants would  regain their strength and continue to leaf but the experience of their graceful show would dissapointingly be missed. 

Yesterday we gathered together for our monthly ladies lunch. 

 We enjoyed West Milton not long ago for our last destination to meet and decided we would like to go back and try another cafe one block south.  When we arrived it was early, we thought, for the whole place was filled with other ladies having lunch too.  So, we thought we might sit on the deck at a table with covered umbrella, at least until a table inside became available as it was still a bit chilly with the wind.  While waiting for our drinks, Aunt Ruth had something to share with us.  She reached for her purse and from inside pulled out a white slip on which she wrote the inspirational saying that she had read earlier that morning on her calendar.  It read:  Make a big deal out of simple pleasures.  How fitting that phrase was and how it set the tone for our ladies and one gentleman lunch yesterday on a lovely spring day in April. 

While out on the back deck picnic area, Rylan imagined the wooden deck  for a time to be like a pirate ship and the access ramp to be the plank.  Aunt Ruth had gotten a child's meal not long ago as a lite lunch for herself and in it was a Leapfrog watch.  She saved it for a time and thought of Rylan. She pulled it out of her purse  while he looked on with happy enticed eyes in wonderment what it would be.  We  took special notice when he began setting his Leapfrog watch to the correct time.  He was really good at taking that task on himself!  When did that come about?  You're growing for sure!  What will you be doing next?  You're getting taller too!   You didn't stay little long!  You also made a wonderful rendition of Bob Ross' scenic landscape that you observed him painting on t.v.   That was a nice shed type cabin building you drew, it looks just like Mr. Ross'!
Rylan and his leapfrog watch that Aunt Ruth gave him today.  He is such a fine young gentleman whose company has brought us much happiness.  You're caring, thoughtful, helpful, considerate and giving with your knock-knock jokes, drawings and thoughts.  A real pleasure!
Aunt Ruth brought us up to date on a couple of news items she noticed in the paper.  Dennis and I stopped getting the paper years ago.  We never had or took the time to read it and they piled up on the counter in their rolled up bands.  Becky was interested in particular to a story that Aunt Ruth had mentioned about someone who had a mower/farm equipment accident.  She was concerned that the person involved might be someone in her class.  Their conversation continued with further clarification and it still ended with Becky expressing her concern about another person.   I noticed another comment she made in conversation expressing her appreciation for Roger's kindness to getting basketball seats so that the family could be together as much as possible in order to watch Jamie play basketball years ago.  Becky's caring, concern and expression of unforgotten appreciation ~ another simple pleasure evolved.


Dawn had a big day of errand to follow yesterday afternoon.  She's a caring, loving great mother who see's to her son's needs to the dentist, karate, gym, pottery, etc.  Even if she has these things on her mind, she never loses thought for us as a group and our needs and how we can always be made more comfortable ~ simple pleasure?  Actually not, this is a great big wonderful pleasure that we all get to reap from!  Dawn lifts us all with her smile and care. ~  O.K., for today's theme, a "simple" pleasure.
Lenora, Lenora my sister-in-law, my friend.  My partner in crime!  Where would I be without you in my life?  You take me with you, you look with  me over oceans of plants, and listen to endless discussions about projects in process and give me constant support with laughter in anything I try to do.  How lucky I am that I have you as my sister-in-law!  Another not so simple pleasure but a great big one!  I always look forward to hearing from you and where it will lead us.  Thank you. 

Lenora and Aunt Ruth

A great lunch we had yesterday.  Becky got a taco type salad and it looked beautiful.  So colorful.

I had a very tasty creamy chicken noodle soup and 1/2  turkey sandwich on rye with brown mustard.
Did you notice a nuance in healthy tone of my descriptive lunch plate?  Yesterday was the first day of my signing up to be in a pilot group of people in our company organized "Choose to Lose" program that incorporates mainly company made foods and portion control as a means to lose weight in order to become a more healthy new me.  Fifty five of us folks at work have joined the project for the next six weeks.  So...
I went to the grocery for some supplies to get started.  I also took a 45 minute walk in the Historic District in town.  Here are a few photos while on my route as I began my new venture.

Hayner Cultural Center and the Miami County Courthouse
The sentinel rabbits to someone's  home and garden entrance.
The perfect breeze in the air for these wind chimes to react in very sweet sound.
Phloxand a very serene setting with a statue of Mary in the distance.  A nice art sculpture in the foreground with the garden over looking the Miami river in the back.
I love the uniqueness in archictectural styles.  I like looking at this spanish colonial style home for the interest it lends in it's style.
As you go about the remainder of your day today, remember to make a Big Deal out of simple pleasures, for they will bring you much joy!

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