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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chickadee, dee, dee...

What a gloriously beautiful day we had here yesterday.  I went out to ponder the day and appreciate the fresh newness of it!  The birds were singing, singing, singing!  While out, I noticed a flock of chickadee's flying here and there from tree to tree and entertaining me all the while.  I was trying to take a few photos of my redbud as I await the profusion of violet to appear more and more each day.  The chickadees didn't seem to mind that I had a bright orange camera in my hand and pointing it around.  They seemed to be a little curious and for a bit flew into closer high points near me to see what I was up too before off on their original destination.
I came inside to do a little research on the chickadee.  I love researching and learning about things.  I must be off today to fill the feeders with sunflower seeds to see what other birds might pass by.
The redbuds are beginning to bud ever so sweetly and I love watching the beauty they bring to the landscape.

Some days your heart is filled with gladness and you don't know why.  It was no day like any other day, but I was a happy heart for the whole duration.  Maybe that's what spring fever is.  If that's the case, I hope I get again and it's contagious!

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