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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gardening on a "whim"

Yesterday, I was browsing the internet for gardening inspiration.  I came across this cute display at Macy's  website in which they used 125 plastic lawn flamingos and 8 hand crafted metal flamingos hanging from pillars down the main aisle of the department store.  Also Macy's on Herald Square in New York City designed wonderfully whimsical displays with this running joke lawn ornament.
I love the use of these flamingos in display.

I did a little something similar a few years back as a take on the kitchy coral bird.

For what ever reason people seem to like to make this bright coral bird the brunt of their joke.  I don't get it.  I'd like to think of this as an American icon standing guard over Desi and Lucy's pull out patio area as they traveled across country out west with a 16' trailer in tow.
Depending on how you use these little creatures, they can lend a certain feeling.  Here I think they add brightness and cheer to the little garden area at the front door in a retro way.  I love the idea of bringing this theme inside and use some vintage USA and McCoy pottery vases for additional cheerful color.
I think the use of the flamingo can look quite elegant as a garden element as in these beautiful  Macy's displays.

I'm really loving the shades of coral together.
As you begin to ponder your desires for your flower garden this summer,  you may find a touch of whimsy to bring more lightness to your heart as you enjoy your garden!
Have a great spring as it's extending with so much grandeur this year!

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