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Friday, April 23, 2010

A great day and a garden that Tasha would love.

Yesterday was a wonderful day.  I spent it on a relaxing ride with Lenora to the Blue Jacket Dairy,  makers of great tasting high quality artisan cheese in Bellefontaine, Ohio.
Lenora had seen the owners of this dairy and their cheese  production featured on the t.v. program, Our Ohio.  We thought it might be nice to take a ride there and check out what it had to offer. 
When we arrived,
 the attendant cheerfully set out several cheeses for us to try.  I particularly liked the Lemon Jewel Quark and the Dill Cheese Curd and brought them home.  Some of her other samples included Chevre, Ludlow and Feta.  Some made of goat's milk that were a little more rich in taste. 

Chevre cheese hanging to allow the whey to drain off.

 While in Bellefontaine, we followed route 245 toward Ohio Caverns east of West Liberty and found historical home sites of  Gen. A.S. and Col. Donald Piatt, brothers who were quite prominent in the area and held ranks as commanding officers in the civil war.  After returning home from the war they built homes located not far from the Mad River known as the Mac-O-Chee castles.  Mac-O-Chee translates as  "The Smiling Vallley" in Shawnee.   Gen. A.S. Piatt built his 30 room home in the Norman-French style Chataeu and his brother Col. Donald Piatt built a house in Flemish style Chateau approximately 1864.  We didn't get to go in and look at these interesting old  homes since they are only open on weekends.  To the south of the castles are two very old tombs built on the side of a fairly steep hill.  A lot of history in this area, such as, the French and Indian War of 1812,  Daniel Boone and several head indians.  This was the capital of the Shawnee and seven nations.  Prisoners were brought to the area to run the gauntlet.  We'd definitely like to go back to take everything in and learn more about the sites we saw.
We walked up the back drive to this house to get a closer look.

Very old cemetery.

We headed back to West Liberty for lunch.
We had chicken salad and green salad with apples, pecans, feta and a tasty poppy seed dressing with delicious muffin.

Just before eating at the cafe we went into the neat general store.
A place where one can still get seeds in bulk.  I purchased sunflower and bachelor buttons seeds to plant.
This advertisement clock has been hanging here for a while.  Notice the phone number.  It simply says 208.

A really great, fun day.  Can't wait to go back and check it out further.  All the home made natural cheese and the long ago history of the area leads me to post what I would add as an entry in my Gardner's Journal.
A Gardener's Journal Update.

A featured garden is that of  Bo and Dawn who owned an amazing old federal style home a few years back.  It was so wonderful because they started with neglected dry ground and turned it into something I think the renouned gardener, Tasha Tudor, would love and admire.  When I think of Dawn and the garden she created to compliment their home of the past and the introduction of books to her son; which resulted in his love for books and learning today, also brought to mind the love of nature, gardening and kind care that Tasha Tudor realized in her own garden and way of life.

Tasha Tudor - August 28, 1915 - June 18, 2008
 I like the idea of paying homage to Tasha through the visual photos of  Dawn's flower garden and Bo's craftsmenship in fensed in yard for the pets they loved.
Tasha Tudor lived in Vermont.  She raised goats, made cheese, sewed her own clothing and grew what she ate.  Her son built a classic style home complete with thatched roof to the "T" in 1970 for her to live in.
She was an American illustrator of children's literature.  Her books feature simple captivating and often rhyming text accompanied by enchanting detailed and realistic drawings with soft colors.  (Information taken from the Wilkipedia Encyclopedia). 


The home of  Bo and Dawn some time ago.
I think the maroonish red leaves of the ornamental tree enhances the front of the house quite handsomely.

They began with a hard, dry field type yard and little by little turned it into an amazing lawn.
Bo built the nice wooden fence and Dawn carefully placed stepping stones she collected from farm fields to use as a walk to her back door.  A great deal of work began.  The lawn is already nicely seeded, fertilized and watered.

Dawn placed touches that brought softness and grace to her garden.

Everything so healthy, free from pests and disease.
A beautiful garden that eventually filled the whole cleared area in mass.  Dawn labeled her plants for reference, she had bird houses here and there and nurtured an atmosphere of a home loved and cared for.

An out building did not go without the same meticulous care and creativity.  Old licesnse plates were displayed depicting the year of  Bo and Dawn's birth.  A horse shoe on the door for luck.
Dawn and Bo created a very lovely home and garden to visit.
Thank you for allowing me to share your photos.  Your garden will always be remembered as one of the most lovely I've seen.


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