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Thursday, August 19, 2010

What can you see from the catalpa tree?

I was doing a little weeding in my flower beds this morning and I pulled out two small seedling catalpa trees from under a water fountain at my back kitchen window.
I noticed a couple of creatures on leaves of the seedling trees.  So I came inside to investigate on our trusty computer.
While home for lunch, Dennis put them in the shade to continue about their task, what ever that might be.
What do caterpillars do?
Nothing but chew and chew.
What do caterpillars know?
Nothing much but how to grow.
by Andrea

Not sure if the caterpillar is carrying eggs on it's back.  Didn't come across that in my research yet.
While looking up all the possibilities of caterpillar that transforms to a moth,  I also noticed some very sweet items on Etsy that have been inspired by nature to some very fine artists.
I love this vintage moth print by Scrufmeisterk of Sulphur,  LA.   I think it would make a beautiful framed print on the wall or a nice card for someone.  It's speaks to me of fall and how much I love the season with it's earthy tones.
A beautiful lead pewter butterfly brooch - Art Deco style by Liza Paizis.  This would look great on a fall sweater.

So sweet nature inspired baby loafers by Rose and Rockers.

A girly-girl painted print entitled, Mothgirl by the peppermint forest.

A real moth called Rosey Maple - Dryocampa Rubicunda Moth by realbutterflygifts out west, USA.

free clipart from
Butterfly love.
The colors are so beautiful.  Oh, to dream if only for a while of some nature inspired collected items to feather the nest for the upcoming autumnal season.

I'm pondering and dreaming of the glorious splendor of russet, magenta and chartreuse days on which to savor and reflect.
As your day goes and as the weekend approaches and brings us a little closer to crisp air and the gentle falling of a turning leaf, think of that which is lovely, peaceful, joyful and good.  For what you are really accomplishing is feeding your soul.
Be safe.
P.S. I'm sure you have your favorite shopping boutiques.  Etsy is one for me.  I don't promote Etsy or it's artists for monetary benefit,  but only to browse and show the things I'm thinking of as favorites and fall transformative possibilities in my home to enjoy.


Anonymous said...

The butterfly brooch is wonderful! Would look VERY nice on a sweater.


Kris said...

Hi Di - Thank you for your kind post. Hope life is great in VA today. :)

Bev said...

Hi dear sis, Just wanted to say how beautiful and content you look on that swing. That is one for a frame. Love to you

Kris said...

Hi there! Can't wait to get you up and running! Thank you for the best comments! :D You always lift me up!

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