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Friday, August 13, 2010

~this is the air i breathe...

Where do you go when you want a moment to regain your center and manage emotions that creep in with no more purpose than to steal your sense of peace, joy and inner calm.  My refuge is my home, and with that in mind, I have many corners in my home that I enjoy picking up a book and flipping through it's pages in order to transport myself to a world of beauty and tranquility.   Let me show you what I mean...
Yesterday, I took my morning coffee to my bedroom and began glancing over a few books I've collected over the years. As if by being unknowingly directed to the very inspiration I was longing for,  the one book that caught my interest was written by Warren Kimble, American Folk Artist.  Copyright 2000 by Landauer Corporation.

Warren Kimble is known as a renowned contemporary folk artist.
He paints images inspired by the country life he knew as a young boy with his family on his grandparents farm and a small summer cottage where he was encouraged to develop his independence and focus his energy on his own creativity through art, drawing, painting and sand sculpting.
With the subtle transition of late summer fading and a welcoming autumnal season gently approaching in aroma in the air and dryness of fallen leaves,  I recalled for a time a wonderful road trip taken with my sister-in-laws in 2000.

It was a road trip to the northeast states of  New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

We were known as "leaf peepers" in search of fall's magnificence and grandeur in nature.

Included, was making a stop to the studio of Warren Kimble in Brandon, VT.

Upon approaching the studio, we were excited to be able to venture inside the gallery to experience the lifestyle of the artist's philosophy.  As if it was a day like no other, Mr. Kimble and his wife Lorraine pulled up into the drive, got out of their car and were attempting to follow us into the gallery for an errand before moving on to a shower for a friend.  Of course, I said, "Hello, Mr. Kimble.  It's a pleasure and joy to meet you"!
What a kind, gentle, personable, approachable human being!  He and his wife were most grascious to us. He generously posed for photo with us and was humored by our interest as a stopping destination.  Then they went inside and continued about their errand and next destination.  Us girls were left to happily meander and browse the gallery.

We all made a selection of remembrance from that experience.  This was my selection.

  We have a channel behind our house to the Miami river.  It used to be part of the flowing river, but in the 60's the river was re-routed in order to accomodate a damn and city golf course.  Our children, our oldest, John in particular have grown up loving to fish.  Naturally, parts of my home reflect a relaxed fishing themed environment.

An early photo of John on his first fishing experience with his grandpa in the early 80's.  I love to glimpse at his smiling face.

John still loves to fish.

Warren Kimble's art is relaxed and full of Americana.

As is his home.  He and his wife Lorraine have restored numerous homes to their original splendor in Brandon, VT.
They love the subject of fruits & florals.

Such a nice couple who love life, home and family.

They enjoy collecting antiques and have raised their children with an appreciation for them and the history behind them.

In this photo his grandchildren are mesmerized and entertained by his creations.

What a gentle character this man is with devine influence.

He was a teacher of art during many years in his career for ages Kindergarden to college level.

This was the studio that we enjoyed.   Since, he and his wife have purchased an old factory type building in town in which they put their renovative creativity to work and turned into his more roomy studio/gallery.
The building was in a beautiful setting with natural water falls running beside it.  They also purchased land across the street which they turned into a park for the town to enjoy.
More recently, they have sold the building to a designer and have retired.
What interests me most about this artist is that it was never always about making money.  It was about doing what came naturally and desired.  He treated his creativity with humble appreciation with the idea of reflection on what is good.  He had an affinity to share his experience with others to enjoy and appreciate.  Where does this train of thought  come from?

The attributes of the slightest hint of fall is a time of reflexion and what life's joy is.  For me, I need only to look around and renew my inner peace and centeredness with God's assistance and blessing.  It's called emotion management.  Not all the world is filled with that which is undesirable in thought and interaction.  A song comes to mind automatically called, This Is The Air I Breathe by Hillsong.  It fills my room and my mind with gladness.  For, this is the air I breathe.

My sister's hospitality.

My sister-in-laws, Janice, Karen, Anita and Lenora.  The "leaf peepers of 2000", my friends.
Thank you for your company in a most memorable enjoyable road trip.
In reflective thought, find your center in God's love with peace and blessing.  Explore your creativity to get to this point.  Be safe.  And...

With love,

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