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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

First family ladies lunch in spring 2010.

Last week we had three or so sunny, warm, great to get outside spring days.  It's been a long closed in winter and thanks to the thoughtfulness and organization of our neice Dawn, our once a month family ladies lunch gatherings has begun with content, togetherness and joy to see one another again.   Today was a time to catch up on  winter activities that everyone emersed themselves into until that last snow finally melted away and like clock work the desire to reunite brought a phone call of invitation to meet for lunch.  Oh, yes I will definitely be there!
We ate at Pearson House Restaurant in West Milton, Ohio, a quaint little town roughly ten miles west from where I live in Troy.   It's the kind of restaurant where you can still get a good all american old fashioned meat and potato plate at a reasonable price.  Afterward a selection of at least 25 different types of pie could be a great ending to a nice luncheon.  Pearson House is also a good gathering spot that lends itself to a lingering time that gives us a chance to fill the younger generations in on topics of interest in family history by the older generations.  Any and all our gatherings are a time to come together and savor one another's company and a chance to refill our spirits with caring and kindness that only family can offer.
Afterward, we went our separate ways to leave for home and on my way to the car could not help but pop into this little shop. 

I found a sweet little bird basket to set on my Easter table.

When I came out the sun was shining and the air was nice, no work to hurry back to so what did I do?  I took a few pictures of this quaint little town and some of what it has to offer.

This is a sweet little shop called appropriately, Really Cool Stuff.  It carries items on consignment made by local artists and ranges from jewelry, pottery, blown glass, handmade cards, scrap fabric journals, recycled paper cards, photograph prints and many other numerous handmade items.
I really liked this handmade pottery.  I especially liked the earthy elements of nature used in the design.

This shop has always intriqued me with it's hand sawn and carved wooden items.  It never seems to be open though.

The Pearson House Restaurant and a great day in spring to be out and take in the town of West Milton, Ohio.

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