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Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Favorite Things

Raindrops on roses
by Aditi Kidambi

Whiskers on kittens
by Tante Bluhme

Bright copper kettles
by Manufactum

And warm woolen "smittens"
by Susan Cappon

Recently, I joined Pinterest, a website designed to allow you  to pin photos of things that you like.  It's a way to get an overall view of how an idea might come together as a whole.
For years, I think since the first Martha Stewart Magazine describing how to dip pumpkins into gold paint in a galvanized tub of water as elegant fall decorations and the first Country Living Magazine full of crocks, mammy dolls, and everything antique and primitive arrived on the newsstand, I've been tearing out pages and keeping in a file for future reference.
Home and Garden - The Martha Stewart Timeline
Martha Stewart Living Magazine by Time Publishing Ventures - Winter 1990

The pocket portfolio on the left is almost 25 years old and contains the colors I wanted to have in this house when we first bought it.

At the time Victorian decor was somewhat stylish.  I loved the smokey green base color of our house with lighter green moldings and mauve accent.  I used mauve & cream as Christmas decoration that year.

The swag and jabot draperies were made by my Sister-In-Law, Donna of Donna's Draperies, my grandmother's quilts displayed on a quilt rack using salvaged corbels that my husband kindly made for me, the Santa throw is actually cross stitch made by a friend and fellow co-worker.  The rocker was a wedding gift by my husband's fellow co-workers.  It is going on 35 years old.  It was originally a brown early American maple color.  As you can see, I've since painted it white.


A class in Art Therapy at a local community college had us making boards of our favorite things.  I loved the idea of the seasons and including all the senses.  Sight, fragrance of spring flowers, Kathie Lee Gifford CD.


The original path of the Miami River is behind our house.  Our kids grew up fishing there.  The above photo shows them practicing casting.  I loved the Enya CD and  Sail Away was my favorite song on that CD.  A found blue jay feather.


A bouquet of oak leaves, acorn, eucalyptus and raffia, a photo of a deer buck seen on a trip to Colorado and Reflections of Autumn CD.


I loved the antiquity of the old Christmas greeting postcard as a framed piece of art in a gold frame.  The scent of pine and the sounds of Kenny G.

Recently, a fellow co-worker and Supervisor showed me a photo of this table and chair set as well as a curved chaise.  She said, "there's something about this, I don't know what in particular, but I just love it and I have to have it"!   I loved hearing the excitement as she was expressing her desires for her living space.  She was unsure of how to put it all together and "what goes with what" uncertainty.  She asked a few of us for our opinion and it was fun.  I gave her my opinion when it was my turn and the next day I brought in this board to support why I thought  the idea I was describing might work.

I told her that British Colonial was reminiscent in her chosen pieces of furniture.  The surprise on her face was amazing as she looked at the collected photos as a whole and she loved it!  "This is exactly what I like"!  She loved the idea that I picked up on her strong belief in Christ and included it in her design to express her personality in the the space.  The chair in the lower left corner sold her on the idea.  I even looked up where it could be purchased and it turned out to be at Sellman's Furniture just the next town from us in Covington.  That interaction was so fun.

This was the chair.  It was my favorite too.
The Ernest Hemingway Collection by Thomasville

That has happened a couple of times for Supervisors.  The first was for a bachelor who was bringing his wife- to- be to his home for the first time.  I guess he looked around his space and thought he should make what was a little on the practical necessity side like a chair and t.v. look a little more homey and appealing for a female.  He mentioned how he was putting up a tree for the first time and he put white lights on it.  He had met her while shopping for drapes for his home.  She was the sales assistant and I guess he kept going to her for her opinion.  One day he said, "Krista, I'm wanting to get a rug.  I know what I want in my mind but I'm not sure, what do you think"?  The next day, I brought in a photo of a beautiful Laura Ashley wool rug in time worn russett tones and he said, "Aaa...that's it"!  "Thank you, Krista"!  He smiled and folded it and put it safely in his pocket and it appeared he might be making a trip to his favorite mall that weekend.  :)

It was so many years ago the rug is no longer available to show but it was similar to this antique kilam rug.

It was fun to present a young couple who purchased a brand new traditional style home and wanted it to have a sense of personalized character.  I brought in samples of  a  beautiful copper dupioni silk for drapery side panels and her favorite art by Monet to grace her suggested light golden walls with buttery cream trim and a hint of pale lavender as accent.  It was a beautiful composition story board that matched her own feminine beauty.  Other rooms of their home were relaxed and comfortable to balance the look but still continued the Monet artwork to make it cohesive.

Living Room Inspiration
The Artist's Garden at Giverny, 1900
Family Room Inspiration
The Artist's Garden at Argenteuil
Powder Room Inspiration
Path Through The Corn At Pourville, 1882

Water Lilies Morning

I love to think of baby nurseries.  When my Sister-In-Law, Karen, told me that her daughter was expecting her first child and her first grand child, I couldn't help but spend a leisurely Saturday putting together for fun ideas for nurseries based on items that Karen and I have always loved.  I cut out fun photos from my favorite magazines such as Country Living, Country Home, Martha Stewart, children's books, art catalogs, and internet sites of history.  I love Smith Noble for window treatments, shades in particular.  They have great samples to use for this purpose.

To this day when I see a Jenny Lind bed, I think of Karen and how we used to talk about styles we liked and accessories.  I love to put something vintage in the mix.  A photo or toy.  Karen passed too soon and didn't get the privelege to enjoy all these things to the fullest.  We shared the fun of the idea and the excitement of it.

Summer Room Screened Porch

My most recent story board is for an outdoor screened in room to enjoy during the summer and early fall.
Last fall I painted a wicker couch and chair purchased about 20 some years ago at an auction from white to a dark chocolate brown.  I recovered the cushions with an olive green and muslin upholstery weight ticking.  I found the shams at Marshall's on sale for $5.00 and thought they would look great as back cushions for the couch.  We found white washed paneling at Menards and finished the back wall of the room for privacy.  The rest of the area will be screened in.  Can't wait to get out there when the weather gets above 65 degrees to white wash the whole area.

For fun, I thought I would post a few of my favorite things in photo form that I have collected and keep in my photo library.

Our daughter, Jamie with her Dad.

Her daughter, our granddaughter, Kate, as a flower girl for their good friends Alexandria and Dan.

Grandson Tucker.

Grandson Blake.

Son-In-Law Matt.
"Go Tribe in 2012"!

Son John doing what he loves.

Son Ryan with his cousin Levi doing what he loves.

Theme flower gardening.  Orange was my favorite last year.

Coral pink another year.

And purple yet another year.  Embroidered pillow -  Belle journe'e ~ Beautiful Day in French.
Permet de venirs' asseois visite ~ Come sit, let's visit.
Children's theme parties, holidays and crafts.

Sweet idea found on Pinterest

Pinterest Pin

Handmade gifts.

Received gifts.

Food and recipes
Pinterest Pin

Pinterest Pin

Pinterest Pin
Sweet things vintage.  My sister and I had two lamps on our dresser made with figurines similar to these in pink with dotted Swiss lamp shades.

Love this spaghetti poodle on chenille pillow pin cushion.

Destinations within a 12 hour radius.
Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water

Deep Creek Lake, Maryland

Charleston, SC

P Allen Smith's Garden Home Retreat
Little Rock, Arkansas

Christmas candle light dinner and tour at the Biltmore Estate Asheville, North Carolina.

Branson, Missouri
Big Cedar Lodge
The Truman House Restaurant (original house)

Harbor Springs, Michigan

My photo library goes on and on.  I love looking back through great saved memories and photos of inspiration.  Technology is always being updated.  It's fun to check out sites to see if it can be of use to you as a hobby or favorite pass time.  What ever tickles your fancy may you go about it with passion and safety of course.

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