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Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 1, 2012. Looking Forward In Hope.

I took down the tree and decorations this morning.

What is it about taking down the tree and decorations that leaves some folks with a feeling of a clean crisp space and others with a feeling of ho-hum?  Somehow putting back the dracena plant that was once lush, full and brimming beneficially from the late fall mix of sun and rain has been reduced to a plant droopy, pale and left with a sigh of "I hope I can keep it until spring when the sunshine and spring rains bring it back to life".

Maybe it's the idea that the magical season filled with holiday cheer, dreams, wishes,  peace on earth and good will toward men has been packed away that leaves me with a touch of sadness.

It's the idea that the most wonderful childhood  memories of opening the package containing Chatty Cathy and Casper in a home full of warmth, love and family got packed in the memory bank. 

Dad re-inacting our gifts for the video camera.
John received a ball, bat, glove, roller skates & BB gun.

Jean received a gift set of cologne, necklace, purse.

Ron who was a very good baseball player received a ball & glove, some clothes and other things.

Larry might have gotten a watch, some clothes and a suit.

Mom had a nice Christmas that year!

Dad received a suit, shaver & clothes.

It was a great time to grow up.  That's why the little ceramic villages were created to re-in act it's lifestyle in bringing home the tree, hand writing & addressing Christmas cards, playing  favorite musical renditions of Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer and Silent Night.  This year I listened to Christmas music before Thanksgiving and kept it on that station until it was gone for the season.
To this day I love the movie, A Christmas Story.
I love to bring out all the construction paper glittery ornaments with yarn hanger that my children made for us at school.  They bring back fun memories of making ornaments for my mom & dad to hang on our tree at home and decorating our class room windows for all passers by to see.
The aromas in the house were amazing.  After supper mom might decide to make oatmeal cookies.  When we had particularly heavy snows she would make the best snow ice cream using only the best and cleanest snow from a drift on top of our car port.

Dennis had many equally wonderful Christmas mornings growing up.
He's the little one in the right front.

Who wouldn't love a parakeet!?!

Dennis was raised on a farm and every year his parents would put up this life size manger scene in the grassy area of their circle drive.
Christmas.  It's my favorite time of year and it brings me to life.  As I gaze across the room to the corner where the tree was this year I'm thinking of another photo.

What I thought was a glorious family Christmas dinner was really a birthday celebration with a Valentine theme!  I love the older style Valentines at the place setting and the angel food cake with seven minute frosting is decorated with tiny cinnamon candy hearts.  How I love this image!

Maybe I won't put away the crystal lights after all and maybe I can add some glittery pink and red hearts to decorate a limp lifeless corner of the house.   A time for gathering, sharing and love can continue.  Yes, I think it's a plan!

As winter begins to unfurl in windy, rainy, gray and flaky days may you find the gift of love and memories as well as the making of new memories your blanket of warmth and comfort and ponder a little corner of your home for your own creative imagination.

Be safe,

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