Summertime, summertime, sum, sum, summertime!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Patiently awaiting my bluebird of happiness.

Had the urge to visit my local garden center to see what might be arriving for spring.
As you can see, not much.
Inside, however a lot of unpacked boxes are around and in the background someone is transferring small delicate plantings into larger pots for continued nurtured growth.

There's just something about plants, getting into the dirt and getting that first aroma of spring that gives you the sense of hope that these things are just around the corner.

I quietly browsed, as I love to do, everything merchandised into tasteful groupings and thinking what my color way might be this year.
These ceramic clay pots caught my eye for their deep maroonish tone and great texture.
I think this rubber tree plant would look great in them.

Peace Lily

More texture.
A hint of something vibrant.
A serene accessory.
Something to hold water for a quick refreshing drink.
I went to our community library to find additional inspiration.
I'll jot down a few thoughts and ideas as a pleasant passtime.
My notations for spring and future reference.
In the mean time as I await my bluebird of happiness, I'll just fix myself a little lunch.
And keep creative thoughts of spring in my mind.
Take a safe drive out today...visit your local garden center and public library for beauty and the sweet newness of spring will immerge just around the corner.


Anonymous said...

My favorite garden center doesn't open this spring until the first week in April.. Can't wait!


Kris said...

Hi Di- Our garden center has a flower shop open year round. They know their customers are getting a little anxious for spring and don't mind the occasional browser/dreamer even when they aren't open either. :) Thank you for commenting. Hope things are well in your neck of the woods with your sweet doggies. Take care.

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