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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our Super Bowl Sunday was naturally beautiful!

Early Sunday afternoon, the phone rang and Dennis and I were invited to Roger & Lenora's for supper and to watch the game.  :)
Rylan who is in the first grade and is Roger and Lenora's grandson, wrote name place cards for his guests and added a sweet foot note for everyone in their napkin.  :)

Christina had an "Ooops" moment, the commercials were in dry humor, tasteless and down right boring, accept for Marsha's hit in the face by a football...
The sound quality of the half time show was lousy.  But the meal was so deliciously home made, the company was the most welcoming and accomodating and the view from the window was divinely beautiful!
Who could ask for anything more?  The Super Bowl game of 2011 will be forgotten - but this will always be remembered!

Roger feeds them cracked corn and every night at dusk, they come up in their groups to feed and pass through to the woods.

Checking out the bird feeder.

But that food has pretty well been pecked clean by this guy.  Have a great, safe week everyone!

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