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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Waiting for the black raspberry crumble.

I love fresh black raspberries, don't you?
It was a nice, cool, overcast day today and I went to our local farm market.
Fulton Farms is a great market with watermelon, amish made cakes and pies.

There are vine ripened tomatoes and local apples.
Wagons of sweet corn.
A great place to go not far from home.
The lot is always full.  It has a covered patio area and you can even get an ice cream cone if you wish.
Today, I thought I would make a black raspberry crumble.  Also, I was thinking that Fulton Farms is a neat
and interesting place in the county.  While I'm waiting the 30 minutes for the crumble to bake, you might enjoy seeing some more interesting places around as well as a Gardener's Journal update including what people have planted and are growing beautifully this summer.

Tipp Roller Mills.  It seems to go in and out of maintained care. 

At times it's used as a theater for local downtown entertainment.  They have a nice series planned for the season.

There's a lot of great old time atmosphere in Tipp.

Behind the roller mill is an old canal lock.
And an old keel boat that was used for transporting goods in it's day.
It's amazing that something like this is still around.
Even though it's in disrepair, it's still so very interesting to have in town.  It's also located close to a new walking/bike trail.  It adds so much to that part of town.
The only thing in the canal at the moment is morning glories, but depending on what you're looking for, my niece came up for a class reunion last fall and went geocaching there.
I haven't done my research yet, but I think this is a buckeye tree.
Us Ohioans definitely love that.  "Go Bucks"!
Across the street from the roller mill.
More shops.
A cute, trendy coffeehouse.
A great plate lunch restaurant known as Sam & Ethel's.
We love Sam & Ethel's Restaurant.  Especially since my husband's nephew is the new owner operator of the recently brought back eatery!
There are a few cafes, restaurants and eateries in town to accommodate many antique shoppers and folks attending other activites of interest that the downtown council promotes.
A florist.
A pretty garden beside the florist.
Another view.
Inside the florist shop.
Sweet vignettes.
Inside and
A great old building with a neat old garden to match.
I love the antiquity here.
A colonial garden.
And bird house.  There was a red cardinal here when I walked up.
A local nursery in full blooming display.
I like when garden centers have plantings like this.  Some times it helps to make a choice.
Can you guess what this is?  And yes, we're about to drive on it!

Located not far north is a great refurbished covered bridge.
I love what our two neighboring towns have to offer.  This is located next to little league baseball fields.
A piece of history.
The engineer of the bridge.
The Miami river.
An old tavern.
Many settlers, fur traders, and others came here for respite.
The Overfield Museum annex.  Social events are held here from time to time.  Once we came to an old fasioned hand cranked ice cream social before going on to a movie in town.
And a great all American town it is!

A few photos of the Gardner's Journal update that I promised earlier.  I love to see what people are interested in planting and how they plant it in their gardens.  So unique.
This is a very impressive stand of cock's comb along a driveway.  I love it!  I can imagine it on a beautiful fall/Christmas wreath above the fireplace.
A few doors down from this house, a neighbor enjoys a rose garden.
The heat and no rain lately has been bothersome to them, but they're coming out of it.
So pretty.
Next door to the rose garden are pretty mounds of spanish rose moss or portulaca.
I love this.  My dad used to grow it around his petunias.  It creates every shade imaginable.
Around the corner is a huge heart in the front lawn and leading to the front door.  This year it's petunias.  Every year it's planted with a different flower and color combination.
Amazing coleus, hosta and begonia in the whole front of the lawn.  Quite spectacular with the salmon, orange, red, lime green combination.
A butterfly happened upon this cone flower.
In route back home.  A small country store close to us.  They serve great sub sandwiches, pizza, egg & chicken salad sandwiches and more.  A great family owns and operates it.
As you can see, there are picnic tables.  Many locals go there for a nice little lunch with icy cold glass bottled sodas, tea & such.
At home, the black raspberry crumble is done.
Some prefer ice cream, I like fresh whipped cream.
Black Raspberry Crumble
1 qt. black raspberries
1/3 c. sugar
1/4 c. margarine, softened
1/3 c. all purpose flour
1/3 c. brown sugar
3/4 c. rolled oats
Wash & drain berries.  Put in 9" greased baking dish.  Add 1/3 c. sugar. 
Mix together next ingredients and sprinkle over berries.  Bake @ 350 degrees for 30 minutes.
As summer progresses, take in your surroundings and appreciate them for what they are.  Keep your eyes open for you never know what you might notice.

Be safe. 

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