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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New antiquity in the country.

Have you ever taken a ride and came across a home that made you go "WOW"!?!

Hop in and take a short virtual ride with me.  You'll see some beautiful scenery of local countryside.

Out where the summer is like floating along on a lazy river water ride,  layed back and relaxed.
Imagine traveling a country road with tasselled corn standing tall, strong, abundant and deep green on either side of the road.  In the distance, a long white fence and freshly mowed green space intrigue you as to what is about to immerge.   As you approach an open field backed with lush, healthy green beans on either side of a long drive leads to an amazing crisp, clean, white, elegant new/old construction.
This amazing home!  It's like two large farmhouses joined together with a fabulous common space!
I love this home for it's minimal, calm, classic elegance. Timeless.
Don't you just wonder what the use of this space is?  A dining hall, an exercise pool, a library, perhaps?  It's lovely.
Can you imagine the light streaming into the above windows on both sides of the home.  Awesome!
Another gracious covered porch on the opposite end of the home.  Quite stately.
Beautiful green serenity laying on either side of the drive.  The white fence continues the crisp, fresh, simple color scheme and frames the white home beautifully.
Hope you enjoyed this little virtual ride of something that caught my eye on a pleasant country ride.
Take a ride, it's great to see what's developing with uniqueness!
Safe travels,


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

I'd love to know more about that farmhouse.

Thanks for coming by Kris. The little red and white rooster and hen are salt and pepper shakers that belonged to my mother. They are probably close to 60 years old. I am glad you spotted them on the new cabinet.

I saw the Sprite Melon at Dierbergs, yesterday morning and was curious so brought one home. It is smaller than a honeydew, but has pretty much the same texture. It's a very pale green, rather than honey dew green. Very good melon and was tasty with the berries and topping. The melon is a product of USA.

Kris said...

Pat- Thank you for dropping by and sharing a mutual interest in decorating. I enjoy your blog so much for it's beauty and always look forward to your most recent thoughts and projects. I particularly enjoyed your most recent post about coping with the hot humid summers in the 50's. I remember it well too.
I tried the melon and I loved it like I new I would. Thank you again.

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