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Friday, May 7, 2010

Melody of Love

While pondering what I might want to extend as a Happy Mother's Day wish, I couldn't help but think of a pair of ceramic salt & pepper shakers with a little gold etching and purple violets. They are marked Japan on the bottom.  Sometimes you come across something that speaks to you,  something you keep because it reminds you of a pleasant memory, something you know you will never get rid of  "just because".
Once,  my husband, Dennis was doing some fix it work for an older widow woman that he knew from another nice couple.  I think he sided her garage and put her air conditioner in a few times, etc.  Her name was Helen and she was a very kind lady.  Dennis grew fond of her as did I when he brought me with him once to meet her.  She shared her quilts with me and some other crafts she was doing and the three of us chatted a little about area history, stories and such.  She was very pleasant company.  Well, she passed on and Dennis attended the family auction of her household goods.  He brought home a little cardboard lid with various salt & pepper shakers.  We both kind of liked the violet sets that were in the box.  At least better than the harvest gold owl pair, and the buck stove ones.  Time went on and one Sunday morning Dennis and I took a ride to Richmond, IN  to Webb's Antique Mall.  We were browsing the booths and he came to me bringing a couple of items that caught his eye that he thought would go with the salt & pepper shakers.  That has always stayed with me as a neat expression of Dennis' thought process and what catches his eye as well as what triggers his memory in fond remembrance of someone.  I just think it's a very dear story about him.  So, in honor of Mother's Day to all mothers beloved past, loved present and will come to love future, a little Mother's Day breakfast with Dennis' collected violet selections, a water glass that I gave to my mother and sister one year in the 70's (I was in 6th grade and one of my friends and I went to town and bought them because "they were crystal") and a song that my mother held very dear to her heart as her brother, Kenny, my uncle, played it on the organ for her.  She requested it whenever we came to visit.  I will always remember her beautiful smile when he played it.  What a melody of love.
God Bless as you begin your weekend and "A Very Happy Mother's Day!

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