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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I've always loved rocks!

Do you like rocks?  I do.  What would we do without them in our landscape?  They add so much interest, texture and design.
This is a great ondulating wall used to enhance the entrance to this wonderful community nature preserve.
Sixty seven degrees today and a perfect day to take a walk in the nature that our surrounding community has to offer for all to enjoy.
As you begin the meandering fine gravel walking path you are instantly reminded of the scent you knew as a child when sweet clover grew in near by fields in abundance.  I remember so well exploring with neighborhood kids the fields close to our house. 
Even with one ear closed and feeling like swimmer's ear this morning, I can still make out the fabulous sounds of twitter's, chirps and far off whistles.  There's a red winged blackbird up in this tree.  This whole preserve seems to have all of God's birds here!  I just love them!
This is a nice morning walk with boggy wetlands and this aerated pond attracted a few mallard ducks.
There are metal sculptures from time to time since Hobart is  also a very well known school of welding here in town.
There are wonderful trees thriving that have been planted strategically for the naturalist.
I love this lime green.
There are fallen trees as well as large boulders for interest with wooden walkways as bridges crossing over lower lying areas with these in the distance and benches at points to rest and take in the views.
Lovely this morning.
A great place for a walk my first time to utilize it since it's been prepared as a nature area.
On the back side of this nature preserve is a neighborhood of older homes possibly from the 40's?  It may have been an area where some of the Hobart's lived.  This is a neat old pump house below a great old

The area is a naturally wooded area with mature trees and plants.  There is a children's daycare in the vicinity and they have a wonderful garden where they bring the children over to plant and tend. 

I love this little garden and I'm always looking for ideas and inspirations in creating one.

The children were away on a drink break with their instructors and assistants and I was able to snap a few shots of their garden for reference without disturbing them.  Two yellow finches came flying to a nearby tree. What a sweet setting this

A great little area with a little history of our community and a great interesting old area and place to take a walk.
What's in bloom this week:

Hosta and coral bells.
Poppy and lilac.
Pansies and a nice little tree that I purchased at the Springfield Extravaganza a couple of years ago.  It has a peeling bark for an interesting effect.
Enjoy your spring maybe with a walk or in the garden.  It's yours to choose!
Whatever you choose, let it be something unique, good and as lovely as this day.

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Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Hello Kris
This is such a beautiful post.

We love rocks! We love rocks so much, we brought a truckload from our farm, when we moved here. We had used them in flower beds,etc and wanted to use them here. We have them in little walls around berms and other gardens. I wonder sometimes if we will take any with us, if we ever move to a smaller place.:-)
Thanks so much for stopping by the Back Porch.

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