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Saturday, January 30, 2010

A lovely Sunday to you!

It's Sunday.  A day to relax, rest and reset our sights on the week to come.  I imagine some of you are looking through your favorite gardening books and catalogs, talking to loved ones on the phone or computer, or maybe watching your favorite t.v. program in your most comfortable easy chair.
I'm having my morning coffee and doing a little dusting and finessing of my favorite art work of all time!  I thought I would share with you what I have done with some of the sweet Thank You notes, ornament made for a church bazaar, and a thoughtful drawing given to me at an enjoyable lunch with some of you!
I remember many wonderful meals that Lenora prepared and the girls would lead the prayer,
God is great.
God is good.
Let us thank Him for our food.
I love, love, love Emily's drawing on this card that Kim thoughtfully used as a Thank You note to Jamie.  Of course I snatched it immediately!

It was so cold last night coming out of work to my car.  I had my hood pulled as tightly as I could to keep the stinging air from my face.  Being inside, I remember as a little girl sitting close to a floor register where the warm air came out.  I used to love sitting at night and looking outside at all the glistening, sparkling snow covered trees and ground.  The way the wind would blow and swirl the snow on our garage roof and how it would form in tufts draping over the edge of the eves.  I thought it could certainly drop off at any moment.  I was in awe of the beauty of the snow with the moon glowing over our peaceful side yard.  The stars shone brightly twinkling here and there.  One of my favorite memories of home. 
 A few years ago, I was heading to Huber Heights to Cub Foods.  On the way, I couldn't resist a sign at a church stating:  Bazaar today!  I made a u-turn and went inside.  Low and behold, there was Dee Dee and Shelby standing behind a table displaying a small tree adorned with snowflake ornaments sparkling sweetly.  Of course, I had to have one!

I love the combination of this cute snowflake with the glass of this frame.  I tried to pair it with a darker background hoping the white snowflakes embedded on the glass would show.  Sorry it isn't visible in my photo.

I'll bet some of you still have poinsettias blooming their hearts out! :)
As I sit here at the computer while pondering a thought, I love to look at a small grouping of pictures I combined into one.  They are so compliemtary to one another.  I love how the sun comes shining through the door onto the picture on the wall and highlights it in a glow for me to enjoy everyday!

A Rylan Berry original!

I love his drawing of  "A Field".  I thought these zinnia and dandelion pictures were perfect with his great creation.  They are favorite flowers that children like to bring to their Moms and teachers after a fun day playing outside.  Children also like to sing.  I loved it when our Ryan used to sing Kumbaya in the back of the station wagon. :)  I thought it was fitting to pair Rylan's cherished colored gift with a song I'm fond of.
God is an awesome God.
He reigns from Heaven above.
With wisdom, power and love.
God is an awesome God.

Remember how zinnias could be planted and what fun it was to look over all the beautiful shades and heights of those great classic flowers?  As the sun shines through the kitchen window this morning, I know it won't be long and we'll be seeing those dandelions popping up all over and the sweet scent of spring will again fill the air.
Speaking of fresh air.  In this cold spell we're under it's nice to imagine warm sea breezes and the scent of ripenend banana groves in the distance and it's intoxicating effect. The vast landscape of nature. Experiencing the trees and vegetation gently waving in the breeze flowing over them.   A mountainous terrane with the brightest sun shining through them and the moving clouds.  What a spectacular vision!

Don't you agree that  P.J. Hummelt captured this scene so perfect in detail!  It is lovely in every way.

How ever you're spending your Sunday I'm hoping it's blessed and filled with something that brings you much joy, peace and happiness. :)

Made by the hand of Blake and Kate Coleman


The zinnia print set in a grouping with Rylan's picture was purchased from an Etsy shop called, printmakerjenn.  The print is a 4 x 6 mini print and is named, Two Zinnias and is signed by the artist Jennifer Comstock, a Portland, OR resident.  I receive no monetary sums for promoting Etsy shop owners and artists.  I love browsing their wares and promoting their talent and how I used it in my own setting.

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So nice of you to make my day. Will look forward to your new posts.
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