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Monday, April 16, 2012

A Room That Little Boys Are Made Of.

Life is full of changes and new chapters.  After our youngest son moved to an apartment across town, we decided his old room would be a logical guest room for our two sweet grandsons when they come to visit.

So, on the first weekend, after picking out a cute little boy blue, Dennis helped me to paint the room and transform it into something appropriate and comfortable for them to enjoy and stay in while visiting.
On the following Tuesday morning, I got up early after working the night before and was anxious to finish the white trim.  I made myself a cup of coffee and proceeded to the room with it in hand and an arm load of  some necessary tools.  After being up and down the ladder a few times moving it along as I went, one time would prove to result in a  very unfortunate accident with an extended period of healing time.  After repairative surgery and time spent healing a broken bone below the knee, the time and desire had finally come to finish the room.

Part of my inspiration to decorate the room came from an enjoyable trip with our grands on a beautiful spring day to Carriage Hill Metro Park.  Carriage Hill is a great place children love.  It's all about life in the 1880's.  There are demonstrations and reconstructed life style activities.  At times someone can be making a wonderfully aromatic meal of fried chicken and bisquits in the summer kitchen while ladies might be quilting in the parlor.  Outside, are other smells of coal and scented woods from a fire for the blacksmith who is busy at work.  There are farm animals of the time.

It's great to see a pony for the first time!  An earlier encounter.

You also know you're growing up when you ride one for the first time at a carnival.

Tucker's first ride.

It wouldn't be a really comfortable room if it didn't include baseball.  Especially Cleveland Indians baseball.  Grandpa remains a tried and true Cincinnati Reds baseball fan so there is always a little friendly team rivalry bantering going on.

Dennis put together the bunk beds that Jamie and Matt had given us that they were no longer using.  This set of bunk beds were used by Matt and his brother, Brian, growing up.  They look very well homemade and I'm curious to hear more of the story behind them.  Dennis helped me to make the beds also.

The comfortors were picked up at a steel of a price on clearance at WalMart.  The stuffed ponies were also on after Christmas clearance.  I thought they added, warmth, comfort and softness not to mention a sweet memory.

While viewing Pinterest this weekend, I came across free letter and numbers to download to use for art projects.  They are by Leo Reynolds on Flickr.  After downloading letters and numbers I liked, I went to Picnik to create the collage to use as framed artwork.

I enjoyed putting these collages together.  Picnik will be up for use until the 19th of this month and then it will be on Google +.
I love how the room is coming together.  I have one other thing to do.  Pick a rug for the brown painted wooden floor.

by Kathy Ireland at RugsDirect.

This rug is by Dash and Albert, woven yacht stripe cotton at Wayfair.

opulon yarns
acrylic blend

I'll continue to ponder this week which rug to choose for the wooden painted floor.  After all, one thing I do have at the moment is:

Go about your projects with passion and enjoyment in what you love doing.  Most of all, go about it
"safely" as I always close with.  Right now, I set the example to heed.

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