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Monday, May 9, 2011

Aunt Clara Collected Door Knobs.

The Miami County Courthouse.

Bewitched sit com.  1964-1972 starring Elizabeth Montgomery and Dick York on ABC.
Aunt Clara collected door knobs.

Just like the character in a great old sit com that I loved to watch, Bewitched, Aunt Clara was a collector of fun and interesting door knobs.  I don't collect door knobs but here on Redbuds and Wrens I think of myself as gathering a collection of fun and interesting stories.  While traveling through town yesterday I noticed doors decorated by local artists on display in the town square.  It was a beautiful day so I thought I would go back into town after grabbing my camera.

"All great deeds and all great thoughts have a ridiculous beginning.  Great works are often born on a street corner or in a restaurant's revolving door." ~ Albert Camus  French novelist, essayist & playwright.  1957  Nobel Prize for Literature.  1913-1960.

I love this old door with it's crackle finished and all of it's panels painted with a farm scene of the barn quilts from a past art venture to unite communities.

I thought I would show some of the doors along with a few great businesses and features in town along with some moments of my fun Mother's Day weekend spent with my grands.
This door is fantastic!  It depicts our Hayner Cultural Center but with small photos of the communities' activities that take place here.
Known as the Door to the Arts.
A close up of the door reveals many small photographs.  Here are girls in a ballet recital and a boy working with pottery clay.  This is amazing!

The back side of the door.
Hayner Cultural Center.

This door depicts the history of Troy.

The Miami County Courthouse.

This door is all about our great Strawberry Festival coming up the second weekend in June.  The theme on this door is "Strawberry Fields Forever".  Hot Air balloons are floating over a field of ripened strawberries.  The upper right balloon has a likeness of the late John Lennon in tribute.

The back side of the door reflects the great WACO plane rides you can take flying over town.  Dennis and I took one once and the open air ride is fantastic!

This door made use of actual fabric.

A cute display of little girl's spring dresses at Pinky Scout.

This great door uses metal artwork as well.

Very cheerful!

This includes some of Grandma's antiques.
This door has the appearance of wall paper with a framed piece of art on it.

Home furnishings on consignment.

Can you see the waterfall?
This is a great artistic door entitled, "Open Mic Night".

A local gathering spot with live music.
A close up of the door using old instruments and bass strings.

Multi strands of colored lights hang above to draw attention and light the night of the establishment.

A unique gift shop, The Treasured Gift, with hand blown glass displays.

This simply states, "I Am the Door".

This is a pretty town.

Waco Museum.

It won't be long, these old planes will be flying over head.

Something for everybody.

More metal work for our Hobart School of Welding.
Love it!  Copper tubing, metal flowers & leaves.
Sunny Flowers.


A great door about recycling.

I love art that makes use of things we throw away.

Great photography of buildings in town displayed in each glass pane.

More photos.

More restaurants.  La Piazza.

A Foot in the Door.

A cute screen door by the girl scouts.

Troy, you're a great all American town!

Great stuff!

Life is Beautiful!
Love my grands!

Yes, life is beautiful!
Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

So, if all great deeds and all great thoughts have a ridiculous beginning, then like Aunt Clara, I'm collecting and keeping them in a place of my own here on Redbuds and Wrens
Have a great week and be safe.

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