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Monday, April 25, 2011

Gardens are Heaven in 2011 ~ a southern road trip.

Since my last post in March, my days were similiar to this.
Cloudy with a chance of showers.  Off to work.
Cool today with a chance of showers and possible snow.  Off to work.
Windy with a 30 percent chance of rain.  Off to work.'s looking cloudy, better grab my umbrella just in case.  Off to work.

Umbrella.  Off to work.

Then the day finally arrived.  Tuesday April 19th.  My vacation began and I and my gardening guru and nature loving  partner's in crime sister-in-laws set out for a southern road trip to search for sunshine, those tender leaves of green, heavenly scented blossoms, inspiration and rejuvenation.
Six a.m. sharp, Roger dropped Lenora off as road work was an issue in her area  and unsure of.  Left Janice's at 6:20 a.m. 
Headed south on  I-75 with turential down poor.  It wasn't long, morning had broken, the rains ceased, the sun began to shine and travel was easy after veering south west toward Louisville, KY and heading toward our first stop in Goodlettsville, TN.  A cd of the tranquil country tunes of Kentucky's most beloved songs purchased  on a previous trip with sister-in-laws while in Berea, KY was played to render a  feel of the atmosphere we were about to partake of, remembrance of togetherness and for a soothing time of  travel.
As the lay of the land began to form hills and valleys with spotted frameworks of weathered barns and grazing cows, a sense of peace was  released in a relaxed sigh and the knowing that life has calmed for a time.
By 10:30ish we were getting toward a great resting point and found cafe for brunch.  None of us had been to the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln and the monument that marked the area.  We decided to take it in first and allow for time to get out, stretch our legs and get some air before eating a meal.

The American flag waving in the breeze.

Idylic frontier scene.

Abraham Lincoln birthplace Nat'l. Historic Park
Elizabethtown, KY

Lenora and Janice

Inside the monument is a simulated one room cabin of the time.

Inside the visitor's center.

A political campaign.

Teddy Roosevelt stating his promises.

The dogwood in bloom.

We headed back to Elizabethtown to the Back Home Cafe.  We are now on central time and they are open for lunch.

The town's round-about has a monument of Abraham Lincoln.

 A Quaint restaurant with plenty of country decor of themed Americana.  I particularly liked a vignette consisting of a navy wooden porch rocker beside an old fireplace with flag throw draped over it's back in honor of President Lincoln's historical signifcance there.  The locals are proud of this fact and named the elementary school, bank & other businesses with his name.

Janice shared a sampling of a great southern dish of fried green tomatoes.  I thought they were very tasty pan fried in a lite corn meal coating.
Here's a paragraph from the menu:
Step back in time to real country food like your Grandma used to make.  Located in Elizabethtown, KY.  Here you will find all of your favorites from beans and cornbread and country ham, our ever popular open face roast beef and that Kentucky classic the hot brown and sides that will melt in your mouth.  Your taste buds will take you back to memories of simpler times and you will know right away that you have come Back Home.
A good place to stop and share more of this southern route in my next post.  :)
Until then, stay dry and keep safe.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kris!
This looks like a wonderful time. I am looking forward to more of your trip report.

Thanks so much for coming by the Back Porch and catching up.

Kris said...

Hello Pat! So glad to hear from you! You always bring a smile. Thank you for your sweet comments.

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