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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Hear the rain hitting my window
Hear the rain on my doorstep

Smell the sweet smell of the rain

So peaceful
Hear the raindrops hit the ground

Smell the sweet smell of the rain.
by Bobby Pate, Jr.

One of my most fond memories is waking up to the dripping sound of a summer rain outside my window

 and gathering my coloring books and crayons to head out under the carport and color, color, color.  Listening to the gentle rain so soothing and calm, under a carport cozy and dry.
Today is a winter rain but the dim lamp light inside and the slow dripping grayness outside reminds me of the same serenity I once found while under a carport safe and sound.

Take the day as it comes and find something wonderful in it.  A memory a prose or whatever it might be.
Securely and safely,

Favorite found objects on Etsy.
The Library Window Pendant by adorapop - Cardiffe South Wales, UK Europe
Chance of Rain - Beaumont Studios Savannah

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Anonymous said...

I absolutly love this site :) I've been majorly inspired! This will know help me on my Art teaching degree! God bless

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