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Monday, October 11, 2010


It's Monday and time to leave the cacoon we've been resting in with family togetherness and long savored remembrance and to get back on a track of required daily living.  It's been an amazing full week that the following images will recapture in timeline.  Wednesday morning, October 6, 2010.

It was a chilly but sunny morning and we brought our grands to visit the local farm market and pick out a pumpkin to take home.

 A great time to allow the grandchildren to run and get some fresh air.

On Thursday, we gathered together at Sam & Ethel's for breakfast.

"Good Morning", Uncle Jeff!

Dawn, Becky, Janice and Gene.

Norman, Anita, Olivia, and Kim.

Sheryl and the "new" Jamie Long.  :)

Lenora, Roger, Jeff and myself.

Owner-Operator, Keith Long came out from the kitchen to visit with his family.

It's great to be able to go up to the daily special board to entertain the little ones while the rest of the folks converse.  Here are Jamie and Morgan.

It's nice to be outside taking in the fresh air and sunshine and checking out the fall atmosphere of downtown.  Here Jamie, Kendall and Morgan take a stroll in their surroundings.

After a comforting morning breakfast, we continued the afternoon by taking in the Knoop Reserve located in close vicinity.  It was a beautiful day to be out together in nature, taking in our surroundings and spending time with out of town family members.

Taking advantage of great photo opportunities.

On Friday, October 8, 2010, Dennis and I changed gears and attended a most beautiful wedding of Dan and Alexandra.

Our grandchildren participated in this wedding.  Here the bride is preparing to throw the bouquet and Kate is preparing as well!  :)

Blake with his Dad and Grandpa.

Blake between his Grandma's, playing with a few toy animals.

Jamie and Matt with their very close friends, the Steyer's - Mike, Samantha, Isabella and younger sister, Miah.

It was also Matt's 31st birthday and the Frank's presented him with a birthday cake.

Dennis took his granddaughter on the floor for a dance and a close to a lovely evening.

We returned home on a route full of vibrant fall leaf colored displays. 

Later that afternoon, we gathered at Janice's and traveled together as a group to a most hospitable invitation to Jeff and Mandy's home about an hour south.

They have a beautiful home in the country.

Mandy has placed sweet accents of fall decorations around for cheerfulness of the season.
Upon entering their home...

A warm color palette envelopes you with the added sense of home, family and "welcome".
  Jeff gave us a tour of their recently purchased home in which they spent time stripping much wall paper and painting the colors of their tasteful, creative personalities.  Mandy's art in floral sprays brings a cheerful airiness to the room which also reflects whisps of nature in a field view from the room.

Mandy's sweet touches are everywhere.  She painted flowers much like the ones in Ainsley's nursery decor.

A cute time out chair, complete with timer.  :)

What a sweet little one she is.

An up and coming Buckeye fan.  "Go, Bucks"!

We explored their surroundings with a sigh of "Aaah..."

I enjoyed a cup of hot mulled cider that Jeff made for his guests while others joined in a game of cornhole.

Beth and Jeff.

Becky, Lenora and Theresa

Gene and Anita.

Mandy and Ainsley.

We gathered on the deck while Jeff prepared hamburgers & hotdogs for us.

We enjoyed watching the little ones play with some toys that Ainsley shared as some of her favorites.  Owen's very content here.

Ethan counted to 100 and beyond for his grandpa.   :)

We gathered hedge apples to bring back home.  We hear they are good to keep those pesky spiders out of the house.

We enjoyed a most wonderful Long family summertime tradition.  Home made vanilla ice cream made by Norman and Becky.  They travel the distance with us and pack this treat with upmost care.  It is always cold to perfection whenever we are ready for it.

We enjoyed our dessert with an occasional comment, a bite with a silent mmm..., a glance at the pleasant, tranquil surroundings in view.

The pumpkin patch planted for little Ainsley.

The American flag waving in the breeze.

An old, old home of the past in the distance.  I can imagine generations of family togetherness here in a time long ago.
We are so blessed to be able to slow down and spend time with our generations.

I  ponder for a moment the philosophy of this beautiful family we have happily visited.  I thank them so much for a most lovely day and their gracious welcome and hospitality.

I reflect in prayer and remembrance of their mother and the beautiful children she and Gene raised together.

May God continue to bless the Long family for all generations to come.

May God bring you comfort as you grieve the loss of your beloved pet on 10-10-10. 
She was a sweetheart.  So gentle and calm.
May God richly bless all who read this segment of events and give us time to cherish everything that we have.
With love and your safe keeping in mind,

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