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Saturday, September 25, 2010

The falling leaves, drift by my window...

It's a very dry summer and early Fall this year.  Sometimes it's hard to stop a bit and savor the gorgeous days we've been having.  Today the wind is blowing dried leaves past the open windows and the thing I enjoy is the sound of the rustling trees gently waving in the breeze and the rolling of crisp, crunchy leaves across the walk outside along with the sound of a distant wind chime tinkling a mesmerizing tune.  I'm determined to pick a couple of days this Fall to call my own and embrance a memory of this beautiful and favorite season.
Last Saturday, I took a vacation day to take in one of my first favorite Fall events, the Springfield Antique Flea Mkt. Extravaganza.  That weekend was also the scene of a great Waco Fly-In to our town, so I stopped for a short time to snap a few shots of these neat open air planes from the past.

I find the WACO Museum interesting. It shows photos from a time when the WACO plane was popularly in use.  It's  lends a glimpse of some of the activity Dennis' dad might have engaged in while studying WACO mechanics in Oklahoma City.

Who would have thought something like this would catch my eye.  The AMD (Autonomous Maintenance Development)  team I'm on at work must be rubbing off a little.

I like the sights and sounds of the WACO's flying over head.
After a call/ check- in, greeting to see where Dennis' plans had taken him, I joined in his happiness and pleased purchase of another great fixer-upper pickup truck found somewhere in Indiana.  He, Ryan and Ryan's girlfriend, Kaeli, made the early morning venture to go over and bring it back home.

It's a beauty.

It won't take Dennis long and he will have this truck looking good as new.
After going over our locations and where abouts, we'd see each other later, I headed on to the Springfield Extravaganza for a short look as that is about the amount of energy I had after the WACO morning photo oportunity.

Looks like a wagon from a Little Rascals program.

I love Fall merchandising displays at the show.

Fostoria - American pattern.

I don't think I'll ever tire of looking at neat old "stuff".  Especially stuff from the 50's and early 60's that bring back pleasant memories. "Hi ya' Rudolph"!

Thinking my sister might be attracted to this to set somehere on the patio or as garden ornament in a bird sanctuary in the back corner of her property or as art sculpture amongst the neat cedar trees she has.

Another neat piece.

With this, it was a great but hot,dry tiring day.  I loved it.
Oh, did I get anything while there you wonder?
Yes, I did.

The PUMPKINS sign above two painted windows I created depicting the fun of going to the pumpkin patch to select just the right pumpkin for fall decorating.  I love this russett vignette to display photos of our grands sitting on Kabota lawn and garden tractors that were on display at the fair this summer.

I also brought out a photo of their Great Grandpa on his Kabota along with John and Dennis helping to bring in wood to their Colorado home in the early 80's.

I also found a neat sap bucket to pair with another sap bucket found in New England on a wonderful fall "leaf peeping" trip.  I have plans for a wintery vignette in which to place them in the future.
It was a great day on that Saturday.  Dennis and I both met at home, shared a pizza and respectively found a cozy spot in which to take a nap!
Enjoy your Fall season with it's many possibilities in the best way  you can, for one day, you never know what life will hold.
Be safe,

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